Uneducated person must not be voted: Candidate

The election norm in the Highlands Region of dishing out food and money is a bad culture, says a candidate.

Robert Pati, who is contesting for the Enga Regional seat, said a voter’s vote must not be influenced by candidates. 

“People should vote for candidates who are committed Christians, should have a proven record of honesty and transparency and have engaged in some form of service delivery to enhance people’s livelihood prior to elections,” Pati said.

He believes candidates should have proper education because the world is always changing and Parliament is not a place for an uneducated person.

“Candidates must be familiar with their electorates, province and that people should not vote for someone who just came because of the elections.”

Pati, before contesting the election, worked with a charity organisation based in Australia.

Some of the projects he helped to facilitate include the Laiagam Resource Centre, supplying of wheel chairs, medical drugs and equipment to hospitals in Enga, Hela and Western Province.

Pati said if he wins the Governor seat, he will continue to work in partnership with his international friends and charity organisation, apart from the PNG government.

“One of the areas that I will basically focus is the education sector, where I will engage volunteers to teach English subject in all primary, secondary, training institutions and colleges in Enga Province, so that Engans can speak better English and academically perform well in all subjects."

He also vowed to introduce “Teachers Exchange Program” where Engan teachers teaching in different schools in Enga will go for further training to enhance their intellectual skills and knowledge.

He stressed that the bulk of PNG’s rural populace lacked basic services because people don’t look at such qualities; instead they vote for people because of food and money.

“People should not accept giveaways from intending candidates as these will only pave way for corruption and electing wrong leaders into parliament.

“Remember your future is in your hands so choose wisely,” Pati added.

Charles Yapumi