​Enga yet to receive all ballot boxes

Enga Province is yet to receive all ballot boxes for its one day polling on July 4.

Enga election manager, Anton Iamau, confirmed that the province has so far received only one container containing 316 ballot boxes out of a total of 1,156 boxes.

Iamau told Loop PNG that he is expecting two containers containing 840 ballot boxes to arrive in the province by June 9.

Once all boxes arrive, they will be labeled ‘Open’ and ‘Regional’ separately before they are dispersed to polling venues in the districts, accompanied by the polling teams.

Iamau said the polling officials and teams will arrive at the venues a day before polling to prepare for the one-day event.

The polling teams consist of people from the wards while public servants have been engaged as presiding officers.

Iamau has distributed the team lists and polling venues to the provincial police commander for his deployment of security personnel to each team.

After polling, all teams are required to return the ballot boxes on the same day.

Iamau added that the campaign period has been peaceful so far with no major hiccups following a peaceful nomination week.

Enga has exactly 26 days to go from today before polling day.

Quintina Naime