Industry Plans Awareness Rollout

Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture, Isi Henry Leonard said the industry plan to rollout COVID-19 awareness and vaccination program during cultural events held around the country.

He said the industry has been the hardest hit by COVID-19 affecting international travels and demand for our products.

Even back home, many lost their jobs from hotel and guesthouse workers, tour operators and those working at the cultural centers. 

“When COVID-19 struck PNG, it was the tourism industry that was devastated. The tourism industry is the major employer for the youth and many of them have lost their jobs,” Minister Leonard said.        

In a recent press conference, the Minister said while it will take a while for the country to adjust and get back to normal, the department will promote domestic tourism with the hosting of cultural events around the country.

 “In the tourism sector, we are planning to use cultural events to rollout the vaccination program like using the small cultural events.

“While we host the small events out in the remote areas, we also do awareness and vaccination drive,” he stated. 

Minister Leonard maintains vaccination is voluntary, however reiterated that it is the key to reviving the tourism sector in the country.     

Jemimah Sukbat