ENB preventive measures still maintained

Over a week has passed since East New Britain came under lockdown on April 7th.

The provincial police commander has reported a general adherence to protocol by residents.

East New Britain provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, said a majority of residents are following the preventive measures that have been put in place, including the setting up of roadblocks at strategic locations and the 8pm to 7am curfew.

PPC Tabali however, is discouraging locals from setting up roadblocks along the main roads. They are only allowed to block entry points leading into their respective wards.

Those who do not adhere to directions can be charged under the State of Emergency act.

“We had to remove blockades at the Rapitok public road and warn the ward leader,” PPC Tabali told this newsroom.

The PPC further stated that police have been escorting medical workers to and from the Nonga General Hospital after their vehicle was stoned last week by certain individuals. While police is not aware of the intentions of these individuals, Tabali emphasised that they value the work of these medical professionals and will do everything they can to ensure their safety.

Meantime, the Gazelle District Team 2 Response Unit confiscated three 10kg bags of rice that were filled with betelnut.

On Tuesday a vehicle transporting betelnut was stopped at their roadblock at the Three-Way junction. The betelnut bags were destroyed while the suspects were taken to the station.

(Gazelle response unit 2 with the bags of betelnut)

Carmella Gware