PNGRFL: Rugby league is bigger than any one individual

The PNG Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) has condemned the violence that took place after Saturday’s preliminary final between the Agmark Rabaul Gurias and the Wamp Nga Mt. Hagen Eagles over the weekend.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Chairman of the PNGRFL, Sandis Tsaka said it will be working closely with the PNG NRL to bring those involved to answer for what he described as ‘unruly and disgraceful behaviour.’

“Rugby league as a sport like all other sports is bigger than any one individual. The incident that happened is deplorable and disgusting to say the least.

“The actions of a very few whom every spectator and fan had their eyes on ignited this unnecessary violence,” said Tsaka.

He added those individuals involved will be prosecuted.

“They (PNG NRL) have their judicial processes to address this issue. We will allow them to do that. I am also contemplating convening an independent PNGRFL judiciary meeting today or tomorrow to address this issue.

“I have asked for the video footage of the match and the events that followed and reports from the referees and managements of both teams so we can get to the bottom of this.

“The incident has spread around the globe and I hate to think what our rugby league friends abroad are saying now because of the inappropriate and disgraceful actions of a few.

“I apologise to every Papua New Guinean who follow the greatest game of all, our partners and stakeholders in particular for this very nasty incident,” said Tsaka.


Troy Taule