Milne Bay prepares for World Aids Day

The Milne Bay Provincial AIDs Committee is preparing to observe and celebrate World AIDs Day come December 1.

The event will take place at the Kenu and Kundu festival grounds from 8am to 12 noon.

Governor Titus Philemon will officiate the day's programme with the participation of the Open Member, the Milne Bay Provincial Administration, business houses, State Entities, Schools, Churches, The Provincial AIDs Committee Secrateriate and the public.

According to Chris So'on - Wai, Provincial HIV Response Coordinator, the procession will start from Sanderson Bay with a number of floats with police controlling the traffic all the way to the festival venue where the actual programme kicks off.

This year's theme is 'Know your Status, Get treatment and Live Longer.'

So'on-Wai says, they expect the stakeholders taking part to decorate their floats with banners and display cards featuring positive messages of HIV and AIDs.

He said; "This is an annual event and is part of the 20 Days of Activism where we commemorate to remember those who loss their lives and those who are living with HIV and AIDs. Of course we all know that HIV and AIDs is a deadly disease that can kill and traumatize those infected as well as their families. Therefore, by observing the day, we can still focus in doing away with this killer disease and stop and refrain from engaging ourselves in activities that can make us vulnerable and become victims.

" HIV and AIDs is everyone's business and I am extending the invitation to call uponĀ  all local citizens to attend and listen to messages and speeches that will be delivered on the day. Let us come together, work together and stop the spread of HIV and AIDs in Milne Bay."

Lynette Boas