Madang bamboo band still alive and active

The famous Madang bamboo band is still providing entertainment during special occasions at various venues in Madang town and is not in the doldrums, according to popular Madang music artist Alfred Sibut.

Sibut, who is known in Madang for his composition of Madangs popular number O Fatu has been at the forefront or organising young men from Bilia village to perform at various venues in Madang at organised functions and ceremonies. 

Sibut explained that the Madang bamboo band has its own distinct style which varies from the Bougainville bamboo band.  

He said local bamboo bands are still active and villages in Madang where people can ask to have groups from there to provide entertainment are Bilia, Siar, Rivo, Malmal. These villages play the style almost similar to the Solomon Islands bamboo bands. 

Sibut claims to know the history of the bamboo band culture which he said was introduced to Madang from the Solomon Islands, through his uncles who had lived and worked in Bougainville during the 1960s and 70s. 

Sibut said bamboo bands became so popular in the Madang Province following its introduction and local bands from the all over the province. 
Sibut and his group named Melanesian Cool Figures are currently contracted to perform at the Madang Resort Hotel for guests who are mostly tourists and visitors. 

Local Madang bamboo band entertaining visitors to Sugeng Aben park of the famous Madang Resort Hotel recently. Picture by James G. Kila 



James G. Kila