Lae Police apprehend wanted criminals

Acting on a tip, Lae Police around 11pm intercepted a vehicle last Friday night believed to be conveying known criminals.

The dark blue 10 seater was blocked off in front of Bumbu barracks gate as it was travelling into Eriku from West Taraka.

According to Lae Police Metropolitan Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr, three suspects were apprehended and taken to Lae police station where they were questioned.

It was later revealed that one of the suspects in the vehicle was an escapee from Kokopo Police Station.

He was identified as 26-year-old Penny Joe Uriavi Peka of Talakua village, Kokopo,  ENBP , charge for armed robbery and escape from Kokopo police cells  in 2014. Police revealed that he ended up in Kimbe, committed another robbery and shot a policeman and was again charged for robbery and imprisoned at Lakimata CIS.

“He somehow had gotten into Lae and was apprehended on Thursday night,” Wagambie  Jnr said.

It is believed that a hired blue 10 seater vehicle was driven by an escapee to execute a robbery at a known night club in Lae but quick action by Lae police who were on duty that night thwarted the robbery.  

Annette Kora