Drop in criminal activities in NCD: Turi

There is a drop in criminal activities in Port Moresby despite the ongoing petty crimes and the number of the killing, says NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Ben Turi.

Turi highlighted that the police hierarchy has taken a different approach in dealing with these cases, proving it to be active, causing crime rates to have decreased over sometime.

“However, although the rate is low; crime is inevitable.”

Meanwhile, police are now fully on the go to curb down on this crimes throughout the city and tough measures will be taken to address serious and or petty criminal activities.

Turi says, whilst most of the time the police have been branded with negativity; at times it is brought on by the personnel’s (public) themselves.

“The hierarchy is trying its best to do away with this and carry out duties as accorded by their oaths,” he said.

Annette Kora