Digicel’s partnership revolutionises PNG communications

Digicel’s internet services are now literally ‘out of this world’ thanks to their new partnership with O3b Networks.

The move to upgrade Digicel’s internet service will revolutionise communications, ensuring customers throughout the country will now have access to the largest trunk internet service in the world.

O3b’s ground breaking next-generation satellite constellation brings customers connectivity that is better, faster and more affordable.

Building fibre  in remote locations has never been cost effective, especially within the challenging terrain of remote areas within Papua New Guinea. Isolated and remote geography can now easily be connected to high speed and low cost internet.

“The beauty of our partnership with O3b is that we can now provide internet services to rural areas, where previously this was contingent on expensive fibre infrastructure or expensive satellite connectivity. Digicel has been working hard to connect Papua New Guineans no matter where they live, and now this is possible,” said Maurice McCarthy, Digicel PNG CEO.

“Digicel is proud to offer the lowest internet rates in PNG. Teaming with O3b ensures we can continue to provide the most affordable and highest quality internet connectivity. We are also the only telecommunications company in Papua New Guinea to offer free access to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter when purchased on a data plan, ensuring fast, easy and affordable communication for our customers.”

O3b stands for ‘other three billion’, which refers to the number of people with limited or no access to high speed internet. The O3b approach to connectivity is revolutionary, placing a constellation of satellites in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), providing coverage to nearly all emerging markets.

‘’We at Digicel are continually looking to ensure the best possible customer experience by innovating and delivering the best technology to our customers across the Pacific region at a cost effective price. O3b are providing high-speed, low latency internet and mobile connectivity to all our customers in POM, making the internet a truly universal experience,” said Digicel PNG’s chief technical officer Shiva Kumar said.

“The face of connectivity and communication within PNG is about to change dramatically, without compromising on customer cost. We are excited to bring people together and become a nation that is 100% connected.”

Steve Collar, CEO of O3b, said O3b was created to be a catalyst for the revolution that is now happening in PNG.

“We are proud to provide Digicel with the technology to support fibre equivalent affordable connectivity for both the cities and the rural areas of PNG. The expansion has been rapid and gratifying but not surprising.

“Once Digicel’s customers in PNG experienced high performance broadband and 3G services, they found more applications and information that are essential and enjoyable and traffic begins to grow just like it did in Australia, Asia, Europe or anywhere else.”