Denied ‘selfie’ case back in court tomorrow

Parties who were served summons of a defamation case filed by Border Development Authority executive chairman Fred Konga will be expected to appear in court tomorrow (August 21).

Konga filed a defamation suit against bloggers of the social media –Facebook, and a reporter from the National newspaper over publications of a nude picture.

He is pressing  a defamation suit against blogger Sonja Barry Ramoi and four others for re-publishing an alleged censored naked “selfie’’ of himself after it went viral on the social media, in particular Facebook.

The alleged “selfie’’ was originally published on the Facebook page Caught in the Act - Papua New Guinea on the 27th of July 2015.

Mr Konga is also seeking interim orders against the National Executive Council and the State from making any decision against his position as the executive chairman of the Border Development Authority.

The application came before Justice Ere Kariko last Friday (August 14) which was only attended by two respondents in the matter.

The reporter and Pacific Star Printers, the owners of The National newspaper who are the second and third respondents were in court last week.

Blogger Sonja Barry Ramoi and four others who were named as first respondents were not in court last week.

Sally Pokiton