Chaos after highway collision

A road accident just happened near Yalu village, just outside Lae city today.

An Isuzu Fuso FSR was overtaking a 25 seater Coaster bus, loaded with passengers.  And both vehicles were heading to Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province when they collided.

According to the passengers who were at the scene, the Fuso was overtaking them at a bend after Yalu Bridge.

They said it overtook them and then decided to move back to its original lane after seeing an oncoming vehicle in the opposite direction.

While doing so, it squeezed in close to another vehicle ahead of them.

This allegedly confused the bus driver and subsequently, they collided and veered off the road.

All passengers were uninjured except one who was sitting in the front seat.

His legs were trapped in the impact but a front loader pulled the bus out from the collision.

He was seen to be walking around but in pain and needed medical attention.

The angry passengers from the bus wanted to damage the 6 tonne truck but police arrived quickly and dispersed the crowd.

Both vehicles were towed out from their crash point, a small drain, and drivers were taken to 3 Mile police station for interrogation.

Bustin Anzu