​Games Relay begins journey in Central Province

The Oil Search Pacific Games Relay is about to end its 100 days journey as it travels through Central Province starting today.

The Relay will spend the next few days touring the coastal and inland villages of Central.

Central is the last province the baton will visit before it makes its way into the nation’s capital on 29 June.

The baton flew by chopper over Papa/Lealea villages, LNG site and Tapini in the Goilala District before landing at Bereina station in Kairuku.

 It will then relay back to Veimauri before retiring to Port Moresby.

On Thursday the Relay team will drive up to Sogeri and will visit the Owers Corner, Sogeri National High, and Aiyura, Kokoda Trail Motel, Variarata Park, Rouna lookout and Laloki High School.

The Relay will travel to Kupiana in Abau District where it will overnight and then travel the next day from Kupiano to Keapara, Alukuni, Karawa.

The baton will then cross by dinghy to Hula and relay down from Hula, Makerupu and Kamali all the way to Hiri East to Gaire, Barakau and ending at Tubuserea.

The baton will then be brought onto Ela Beach on Monday by three Lagatois and will be welcomed into Moresby to start its final leg in the nation’s capital.