Women’s association pledges to back members

Executives of the Porgera District Women’s Association (PDWA) have pledged to serve the Association members in Porgera, Paiela, Hewa, Strickland and Mt Kare.

And already the Association, led by President Serah Erasi, has bigger plans to further move the group, which has had caretaker executives for the last 12 months. 

On 15 November 2017, the PDWA executives were sworn into office. They are: Vice president Susan Paraia representing the Tipinini, Kairik and Palipaka areas; Secretary Jenny Kopi representing the Yarik, Apalaka and Kewai areas; Treasurer Lucy Tindipa for Paiam, Lukale and Suyan; and members Pinama Vakal (Paiela, Hewa, Strickland and Mt Kare), Margaret Benny (Lower Porgera) and Wanoli Waiyape, Special Mining Lease (SML) areas. 

The ceremony was administered by commissioner of oath and Porgera District Court magistrate Michael Apie’e and witnessed by Ruben Tongole from the District


President Erasi said the Association was for the womenfolk and her executives will work to serve them.

She represents Porgera Station, Anawe, Kulapi, Panandaka and Mungulep areas. 

Magistrate Apie’e told the PDWA executives that leadership was a big responsibility. 

“Take responsibility and work for the common good. You swore not only before Commissioner of Oath but before God. 

“As Christians we have this responsibility to make sure that our word is our voice. My encouragements are go out and faithfully execute your task without fear and favour.” 

In the short term, PDWA aims to construct women’s houses, locally called wanda anda, in each of the council wards.

Erasi said the pilot projects would be within the SML and Lease for Mining Purpose (LMP) areas. 

“In the long term we are thinking about supporting schools, put small aid posts at each council ward.” 

PDWA is now working on its five-year development plan. 

The election for the PDWA executives was held on 9 November last year in Porgera and was presided by Wabag-based assistant returning officer, Kone Clement, and was witnessed by provincial coordinator-district and local level government (LLG) Cleopas Roa.   

Roa spoke highly of the manner in which PDWA conducted its election and encouraged the group to build networks with the other districts in Enga and expand on their programs. 

The incumbent executives have a five-year term in office. 

The PDWA membership is 5,350.

(PDWA executives with their declaration of office certificates with Tongole, left, and Apie’e, back, second from right)

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