Winge to get high school

The people of Winge in Yangoru-Saussia District of East Sepik Province will now have their own high school following a groundbreaking ceremony last Thursday.

Minister for National Planning & Monitoring and Yangoru-Saussia MP, Richard Maru, launched the project for the first 4-in-1 classroom building and four teachers’ houses worth K1 million.

Winge Junior High is the second high school to be launched after the Minister launched the construction of Numbo Junior High on Wednesday.

For years, children from Winge have had to travel long distances to get to high schools in other parts of the district.

“Wanpla wari tasol insaid lo bel, lo u Winge em edukesen. Dats wai yu kamapim pikinini, yu stragel lo kisim pikinini na painim edukesen blo em. Wara yu kalapim, maunten yu kalapim, u painim kar na karim pikinini go skul.

“Tasol olgeta displa wari blo yu, lo taimin em  i rait. Na God i kam insaid na olgeta samtin bai pinis nau,” said Manu Ganai, West Yangoru LLG President.

The new high school will ease the burden on parents and students as they now do not have to travel long hours to get to a high school.

“Mipla lukluk lo displa set ap em i stap, skul em i stap lo gutpla spot, gutpla graun, i gat open spes blo ol pikinini lo play, igat open spes blo ol pikinini lo lainim agrikalsa. Tenk yu lo papa graun yu givim displa graun lo mipla,” said Tom Vincent, Senior Inspector for Basic Education.

Minister Maru called on the Works Department, who will be spearheading the project, to build within four months.

He also called for them to create a 10-year development plan for the school.

“One day this is going to be a very big high school. There will be boarding students here, there will be a mess, a school hall, so we need a master plan to plan how we will build this school in stages,” said Minister Maru.

Meanwhile, Minister Maru said discussions have been held with PNG Power to begin work in bringing electricity to the school.

He added this is an important utility needed to run the school.

“I’ve asked Works Department to get me a quotation for two further buildings and we will get the funding available. So Winge High School must start with four classrooms for students next year, four teachers’ houses, one library and one admin building.

“I’ve got the costing from PNG Power this morning, I have to run the power to this school,” said the Minister.

Cedric Patjole