People don’t have enough: BOC

Body of Christ Churches are appealing to the government to consider how the inflation and the current economic situation is affecting the people.

Speaking during a press conference today, Deputy Chairman of the Body of Christ churches, Pastor Michael Wilson raised concern about people not having enough money to take care of themselves.

The worsening economic situation in the country affecting families and communities has prompted the Body of Christ Churches to appeal to the government to seriously find strategies to improve the situation. 

“Yesterday I decided to put something on WhatsApp. A mother could not feed her kids yesterday. There was no money. And the father came home without anything. And that is real, I’m not just making up, it’s real. So I don’t know how the kids would have lived yesterday. People are not feeding well. They just don’t have enough to do anything,” Ps Wilson lamented.

He said the church is experiencing the pain that the people are experiencing. That real people’s lives are being affected.

“If you live with the people I’m talking about, as a pastor I’m daily living with them. Please don’t pretend.  My brothers who are in authority, my leaders who are making decisions, don’t pretend and think that everything is alright. People are suffering. As a church we appeal to you please if you have to subsidize the food do so,” Ps Wilson appealed.

Ps Wilson encouraged the government to get the country out of the current situation of over committing the country into debts it cannot repay. He urged the government not to spend more than its financial capacity.

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