New police station for Bogia

Law and order is an issue that is a challenge in many rural areas in the country.

Police stations and manpower contribute to a significant part in addressing law and order issues.

Bogia district in Madang Province celebrated the country’s 44th Independence over the weekend with the opening of its newly built police station.

Among the celebration, they also witnessed the opening of the Police Station which coincided with the celebrations.

National Alliance party leader Patrick Pruaitch and other party members were in attendance, including the ACP Northern Commander Peter Guinness.

When unveiling the 44th Independence anniversary plaque to officially open the newly built station, Pruaitch reminded the people of the current plight of West Papuans’ struggle for freedom, and paid tribute to the country’s forefathers in the likes of Sir Michael Somare and Sir Julius Chan for their leadership.

He was there at the invitation of Bogia MP Robert Naguri and other NA members; Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour and Angoram MP Salio Waipo.

While highlighting the plight of essential services like hospital/drug shortage, road conditions and schools, he challenged the people to work with likeminded leaders with a vision and a people’s leader mentality.


Sally Pokiton