Local artistic trophies for winners of surfing championships

Papua New Guinea artisans will showcase their artistic prowess when they portray their carving skills at the PNG Kumul World Longboard Championships.

The  World Championships will be held in Bogia District, Madang Province from  March 18-25, 2017.

Local artists have created unique wooden trophies for the winners of the Longboard Championships.

While being creative, Andrew Abel, President of the Surfers Association of PNG said he is pleased and proud to have our own locally made trophies especially the carved surf board trophies for the annual event.

He said he was proud that the PNG artists are getting good exposure with their affordable carvings.

There are many wooden curved trophies with lots of ebony status and figures and also walking sticks and the assorted Bowls from every size and shape.

Abel said these carvings were on  offer  to SAPNG at reasonable prices to support the championships event to help the artists’ sustainability.

These trophies will be presented to the participants and winners at the in the inaugural PNG Kumul World Longboard Championships to be held in Tupira, Madang from March 18-25.

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