Sustainable agriculture partnership

In a move toward sustainable agriculture, Papua New Guinea and Wilmar International Ltd have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to foster eco-friendly practices in various sectors.

The partnership aligns with the country’s efforts to address climate change through eco-friendly agricultural practices.

The PNG-Wilmar partnership signals a paradigm shift towards sustainable agricultural practices. Wilmar's integrated agribusiness model aligns with PNG's green initiatives, focusing on responsible sourcing and production.

Investments will span the rice industry, chicken production, a new eco-friendly feed mill, and a sustainable flour mill in Port Moresby. Downstream processing of palm oil in PNG will adhere to stringent environmental standards.

Wilmar International's global presence and commitment to sustainability play a pivotal role in reshaping PNG's agricultural landscape. The partnership aims to reduce the environmental impact of agricultural activities, promoting responsible farming practices.

Acting Prime Minister John Rosso, in his speech highlighted the commitment to environmental consciousness, presenting a new angle to this transformative partnership.

Rosso emphasised the government's dedication to sustainable development, focusing on reducing carbon footprint and promoting biodiversity.

Anticipation of a dual impact on the economy and the environment, with job creation and increased exports complemented by a commitment to sustainability. The partnership aims to position PNG as a leader in environmentally responsible agriculture.

Rosso thanked Wilmar International for joining PNG in this green journey. The partnership signifies a fusion of economic growth and environmental stewardship, marking a significant step towards a sustainable future for Papua New Guinea.

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