Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture partnership

The partnership aligns with the country’s efforts to address climate change through eco-friendly agricultural practices.

The PNG-Wilmar partnership signals a paradigm shift towards sustainable agricultural practices. Wilmar's integrated agribusiness model aligns with PNG's green initiatives, focusing on responsible sourcing and production.

Investments will span the rice industry, chicken production, a new eco-friendly feed mill, and a sustainable flour mill in Port Moresby. Downstream processing of palm oil in PNG will adhere to stringent environmental standards.

Nipa Kutubu embarks on coffee

Coffee is one of the cash crops selected and to signify this, a first in the world Coffee Ministry was created.

The Southern Highlands Provincial Government has allocated K20m to build a coffee factory in Mendi.

Governor William Powi announced this during the Provincial Assembly meeting last Thursday.

In support of the initiative, the Nipa Kutubu District under the leadership of Dr Billy Joseph has embarked on growing coffee in the district.

Dr Billy urged all the people in the district to start growing coffee and earn a living.