Public Servants Attain Financial, Digital Training

The Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG) successfully certified 32 course participants who had attended a two-week SME Financial and Digital Literacy Training at the Waigani campus.

The participants are particularly public servants from various government departments and agencies in NCD.

PILAG Chief Executive Officer, Michael Barobe, encouraged the graduates to perform well and make use of the skills and knowledge received.

Acting Group CEO for Teacher’s Savings & Loan Society, Igimu Momo and Police representative from the Royal PNG Constabulary, both acknowledged the initiative and spoke about business opportunities, leadership and to start small and believe in yourself.

This new flagship program aims at empowering the SME entrepreneurs, individual SME owners, professionals/retirees, women-led SMEs, cooperatives and aspiring SME entrepreneurs with the necessary skills/knowledge to enhance their understanding of starting and Managing SME businesses.

A female graduate, Mona Lisa Tagune is a housewife, she spoke about the value of the program and how it will help her moving forward.

Loop Author