Horizon open to export gas to Aust

​Horizon Oil says it is open to the idea of supplying gas to the east coast of Australia.

While a final investment decision is yet to be made on the Western Foreland Gas Fields commercialisation project to meet global LNG demands, Horizon has been approached to consider the Australian East coast market.

CEO Brent Emmet is reported to have told Energy News last month that he has been asked and he would consider the proposal.

While the plan was initially to service eastern Indonesia and the countries along the rim of the South China Sea, Emmett has since expanded the radar to potential LNG distribution points to northern and eastern Australia.

Horizon is planning a mid-scale 1-1.5 million ton per annum LNG project on Daru Island on PNG's south-west coast, which Emmett said would generate about K3 billion a year for 20-plus years, once up and running.

Horizon Oil, along with Repsol, both own a 66 percent stake in the appraised Western Foreland fields commercialisation project in the province and have in place a road map for the delivery of a ‘Western LNG’ pipeline.

The ‘Western LNG’ pipeline will run from the aggregated appraised Western Foreland fields of Stanley, Elevala, Ketu, Tingu, Puk Puk, Weimang, Douglas, Langia, through a pipeline to an offshore LNG plant near Daru.

Cedric Patjole