​Preps underway for Kainantu MoA review

​Preparations are underway for a review of the Kainantu Gold Mine Memorandum of Agreement (MoA).

Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) Managing Director, Philip Samar, said a series of consultations will take place before the actual review process begins.

Currently, MRA is brokering resolutions to an eight-point petition that the Bilimoia Interim Landowner Association (BLA), which represents landowners from the mine site, want addressed.

MRA stepped in to address the petition following the arson attack on mining equipment by locals last week, forcing mine operator K92 Mining Inc to temporarily shut down production.

Samar said while the review-proper of the MoA is still far off, the immediate concern is to address the seven other outstanding issues, with the primary concern being the awarding of business contracts for catering, security and transportation.

Resolutions have been drawn to address the petition and Samar will meet landowners this week where they will decide whether to agree or not to the determinations.

Meanwhile, operations at the Kainantu Gold Mine are expected to stop for at least a month, with damages from the arson attack estimated to be worth around K13 million.

Around 200 or more workers and contractors will also be laid off as a result of the stop production.

Police have been deployed to the mine site to maintain security while investigations continue into the fire.

Cedric Patjole