Stations of the Cross

Cardinal Ribat welcomes Cross

Around midday today, Cardinal Sir John Ribat welcomed the cross brought in by the congregation and parishioners of St Paul.

Despite the extreme heat of the sun, the congregation came in numbers, escorted by traffic police, to the final station.

Cardinal Sir John made an entrance to bless the Cross before it was to be brought into the church.

The veneration of the Cross is scheduled to take place at 3pm this afternoon.

This is known to be the ‘Hour of the Lord’ and believed to be the time that Jesus died on the Cross.

Waiting for the cross

The faithful and enthusiastic who walked the way of the cross this morning in the nation’s capital each have a reason why they walk.

For one 18-year-old, Theo Aron, he did not walk the way of the cross, rather he woke up from his sleeping area under the Waigani freeway tunnel as police came in to move them out in anticipation of the walk passing through.

Police show support during Walk

Loop PNG observed the men and women in blue holding off traffic and providing escort to the front and the rear of the procession.

The Superintendent of operations, Michael Tilae, says this is part of the normal police operations for the city during the Easter season.

The police were out since 3am along the Cross route and helping to hold off traffic as well.

Nation’s capital observes Good Friday

Christians woke up as early as 3am to make the trip to the Queen Mary of the Pacific Church in Waigani and follow the cross as it journeyed around the nation’s capital.

The cross will go through Waigani CBD then around Gordon’s through to Waigani Drive and end up at Gerehu stage 6 for the traditional Easter Friday mass.

Catholic parishioners, families, Bomana inmates, armed service representatives as well as the general public were out in full force as a show of faith to mark this iconic religious event.

Station of the cross preview

According to the Archdiocese of Port Moresby the route will start at the Mary Queen of Pacific Parish at 4am led by the parishioners and UPNG Students.

Station 2 will be at Waigani Office which will be lead with the prayers by Martin de Poress then on to the Somare Foundation where the third station will be led by St Peter Channel and Holy Name of Jesus Parish.

The fourth station at Courts will be led by St Joseph’s parishioners and Anglican followed by the fifth station at RSPCA led by St Mary’s Cathedral parishioners.

More join as walk continues

Loop PNG spoke to an officer of traffics who urged those walking and who will be walking to take precautions when walking.

He said the risk of opportunisst taking advantage of this Good Friday walk is high.

Those walking are encouraged to leave their important personal belongings at home to avoid being nabbed during the walk.

"We will try to do what we can around here but we will need the general public to work together with us."

Police will be escorting the crowd while the Cross is being moved from one station to the next.

Good Friday Walk Begins

The Good Friday walk for the Station of the Cross began early this morning leaving the Don Bosco Technological Institute campus to take the long route to the Waigani parish.

Easter – a time to reflect suffering and resurrection of Christ

Easter falls on the Holy Week which is the last week of lent -commonly starting off with Palm Sunday.

This is followed by Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

This Easter, Catholics and faithful’s in the nation’s capital will once again walk the Stations of the Cross tomorrow morning as part of their Easter ritual.

The scheduled route for the Stations of the Cross in Port Moresby will start at Don Bosco Technical Institute at 4am in the morning.

Youths to lead Stations of the Cross in NCD

According to the Archdiocese of Port Moresby the route will start at the St John’s Parish at 4am led by the St John’s parish.

Station 2 will be at TST Fire where St Pauls’s parish will lead with the prayers then on to the Kone Tigers area where St Charles parish will receive the cross.

The fourth station at Dream Inn will be led by Mary Queen of the Pacific and UPNG Youths, then St Martin de Porres youths will lead at station 5 at the Vulupindi bus stop.