Department for Community Development and Religion

A netball team with a message

Other than just representing the department for Community Development and Religion in the public servants netball competition, the team is a tool for awareness.

Their new uniforms, designed by Raymond Raka, has messages from the department secretary Anna Solomon, printed on it.

On the side are words “Stop GBV”, while in front reads “protect children, secure future”.

These uniforms were launched on Friday, in the presence of Secretary Solomon and Soroi Eoe, the Minister for Youth, Religion and Community Development.

Plan encourages issue based reporting

The launch today, was described as the highlight of all its efforts in the past year.

The strategy is the guideline to which the department and media houses will refer to, in their combined effort, to bring awareness to PNG’s rural population.

In the past year, the Department for Community Development and Religion has achieved a lot, establishing new initiatives and making new reforms; to benefit the people.

Unfortunately, 80 percent of the population in rural PNG, have no access to this useful information, as geography and mobility stands as a challenge.

Com Dev launches media and communication strategy

The Department for Community Development and Religion (DFCDR) will be working closely with media houses to make information accessible to those out in rural PNG.

The department believes media plays an important role in public advocacy and awareness, allows discussions, identifies, evaluates, and makes and breaks mindsets of people.

Today, the department will launch its media and communication strategy.

Preventative approach this year

The Department for Community Development and Religion will take a preventative approach this year.

Secretary Anna Solomon says the idea is to minimise the number of people entering the court system.

The timing is also perfect, now that the department has been put at the forefront of the legal and justice sector committee, responsible in tackling law and order issues.

Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development, Soroi Eoe, said the department will be leading discussions in these areas, and their intention is to cover all population.

​Dept to help raise literacy level

This was made known by Sylvester O’Oru – Community Learning, Department for Community Development and Religion, during the launching of the 22nd National Literacy week in Tapini, Goilala District.

In a statement, O’Oru said the department has vested interest in developing communities to reach their full potential and this cannot be achieved through an illiterate population.

Workshop on human rights to be held

The workshop is scheduled from June 19-20 at the Sambra Haus, Port Moresby.

It will be hosted by the gender development and human rights branch from the Department in partnership with the UN Office of the Human Rights Commission (UNOHRC).

The two-day in house induction training will focus on international treaties, conventions obligation and documentation processes on human rights.

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), human rights adviser Kedar Poudyal, says more needs to be done to address gender and human rights in PNG.

Giving voice to the children

The Department for Community Development and Religion is actively pursuing approaches that will include this at least 20 percent of PNG’s population.

A week ago, the Department, in partnership with NICTA, signed an MOU with NBC and Big Rooster to use the Think Tank Quiz as a platform for questions surrounding children’s issues.

Secretary Anna Solomon said the idea here is to see if children understand things like the Lukautim Pikinini Act, gender-based violence, disability and elderly.

Community Development Department to grow informal economy

This was relayed to women from the Highlands Region, who attended the PNG Regional Women’s Forum for the Highlands Region at the University of Goroka (UoG) from February 6 to 8.

Assistant Secretary for Informal Economy, Steven James in his presentation said that the government has been concentrating only on 15 percent of the country’s population.

“This is the Formal Economy, while the other 75 percent make up the Informal Economy where majority of the vendors or participants are women.”

Department identifies areas of focus

This follows the successful completion of the Development Partners Alignment Forum on Friday, February 3.

The program was part of a two-day Forum following the launching of the Department's Corporate Plan 2017-2021, Annual Operational Plan 2017 and Website on January 20th, 2017.

In her opening remarks at the forum, Secretary of the Department for Community Development, Anna Solomon, informed representatives from the development partners that their presentation really shows their commitment to work with the department to achieve its plans and activities.