Air Niugini

Overwhelming airline sales response

“This promotion stops 16th September at 12 midnight, however those who opted to pay later must do so within 24 hours by producing your booking reference at the sales office for payment,” said the airline in a statement.

“We will continue to accept payment on Tuesday 17th September but without making any new bookings.

Air Niugini welcomes airfare investigation

This follows the announcement on September 6th by the Vice Minister for Treasury, Win Daki, which ICCC falls under.

Air Niugini Managing Director Allan Milne said the investigation will give people the opportunity to see why the airfares are high.

“We’ve actually had conversation with the ICCC Commissioner previously, this is a very difficult market and we had a lot of fruitful conversations about how the ticketing structure and pricing structure is there,” said Milne.

Airline adjusts Cairns-Port Moresby schedule

Managing Director Alan Milne today said Air Niugini has adjusted its Cairns/Port Moresby schedule to give business travelers from North Queensland the opportunity to make a same day return trip to Port Moresby from Cairns on Fridays, saving them the time and expense of overnighting in Port Moresby.

An additional feature of the new schedule is that customers from Cairns will be able to make direct same day connections via Port Moresby to both Honiara (Solomon Islands) and Nadi (Fiji).

ANG resumes Hoskins operations

Flight PX 244 will operate this afternoon, followed by PX 241 out of Hoskins on Thursday morning.

In a statement, the airline said: “We acknowledge the National Airports Corporation (NAC) and the business houses in Hoskins for their continuous efforts in removing the volcanic ash from the runway and taxiway.

“Air Niugini suspended operations again on Sunday, August 04th, due to the eruption of Mt Ulawun for the second time in recent times.

ICCC proposes to decline ANG codeshare arrangement

The proposed codeshare was between Port Moresby, PNG and Manila, the Philippines.

The ICCC is proposing this decision after assessing Air Niugini’s application and concluded that the POM/MNL route is already competitive; and introduction of this proposed code-share will stifle the current level of competition and reduce the current levels of benefits realized by the travelling public.

ANG awards staff for best ideas

The smart ideas campaign aims to reduce costs, generate more revenue, build a stronger and happier workforce and excel in customer offerings. It also ensures staff inclusiveness and helps them to think positively by contributing ideas.

Each month, staff from Air Niugini network both domestic and international submit their ideas to a committee who then selects and awards those who submit the best ideas.

ANG to resume Hoskins flights

In a statement, the airline said: “Since the eruption of Mt Ulawun on Wednesday 26th June, Hoskins Airport was closed for operations and Air Niugini was forced to suspend all flights to and from Hoskins. Some flights were cancelled, whilst others were re-routed and re-timed to bypass Hoskins.

“Although daily flights will resume Sunday, there will be no aircraft overnighting in Hoskins just yet.”

Second volcanic eruption disrupts flights

Manam is the second volcano to have erupted just days after the eruption of Mt Ulawun in West New Britain.

There will be no aircraft overnight in Madang this weekend while PX 112 on Saturday and Sunday will be rescheduled to the following day.

Hoskins aerodrome meanwhile is still closed for airline operations. Air Niugini has retimed and re-routed all Hoskins flights for this weekend via Rabaul and Lae. National Airports Corporation (NAC) has commenced removing the ash from the runway and taxiways but this will take some time.

Further suspension of Hoskins flights

The airport authority, National Airports Corporation, has issued a notice to airmen (NOTAM) advising the temporary closure of the Hoskins aerodrome.

The situation is being monitored on a daily basis and the resumption of flights will depend on the volcanic activity.  

Passengers who are traveling to Hoskins are reminded not to travel at this time as you may be stranded in Port Moresby. Should passengers insist to travel, all costs will be at their own expense.

Air Niugini appreciates the traveling public’s understanding on this matter.

Air Niugini ticket payment made easier

Air Niugini Managing Director, Alan Milne, said: “This mobile payment service is part of the new way forward for e-commerce in the country and utilising the platform will make it easier for customers of all walks of life.

“Under Air Niugini’s High Altitude Program, the customer is one of the key pillars of the organisation and in partnership with Bank South Pacific, Air Niugini is able to enhance the airline ticket payment process of our customers through the use of mobile phones and BSP’s Mobile Banking Service *131#.”