Air Niugini

Divers retrieve aircraft's Flight Data Recorder

The Recorders will be transported to Port Moresby's AIC laboratory for data downloading and analysis.

Minister Manasseh further stated that the aircraft is on the seabed 30 meters below the surface of the Chuuk Lagoon.

“Due to the contamination of the water from leaking aircraft fuel, the search of the aircraft had been delayed until the contamination dispersed to a level safe for the divers.”

The diving will continue on Wednesday to recover the Cockpit voice recorder and other recording devices from the aircraft.

PX crash update

The airline also confirmed that the United States Divers have completed an inspection inside the aircraft which landed short of Chuuk International Airport.

Air Niugini in a statement said the US divers have confirmed that all the passengers were safely evacuated from the aircraft.

This has been also confirmed by other passengers that the unaccounted person had been safely evacuated from the aircraft and was seen in one of the local dinghies that were assisting with transporting the passengers and crew to the shore.

Chuuk crash update

Earlier today Air Niugini reported that it cannot account for one male passenger and is working with local authorities, hospitals and investigators to locate this passenger, who was on board flight PX 073.

Initial reports on scene indicated that all passengers and crew were safely evacuated from the aircraft.

Air Niugini reported it was working with the embassy and the passenger’s travel facilitator to contact his family.

Passengers shaken but safe

This afternoon Air Niugini’s management released a couple of statements to assure families of the 47 on board the aircraft, that all were being taken care of by FSM authorities on Chuuk.

Air Niugini stated that the aircraft had 35 passengers and 12 crew members on board, all of whom were able to safely evacuate the aircraft with assistance from locals in Chuuk.

Amateur videos posted online from Chuuk locals show a number of boats responding immediately to the incident to assist passengers out of the partially sunken aircraft.

Air Niugini denies headline story

The airline can confirm that the policeman at the centre of the controversy boarded the aircraft without any firearm.

Air Niugini’s general manager corporate services, Marco McConnell, said all due processes were followed in Goroka to ensure the policeman boarded the aircraft unarmed and that the safety of passengers, crew and the aircraft was not compromised in any way.

Airline crew safely returns to POM

Two pilots, a load master and a cabin crew member were operating a scheduled Regular Public Transport (RTP) service to Mendi when the incident occurred.

Link PNG will complete a full review of what occurred, and a risk assessment in accordance with PNG Civil Aviation Safety Authority (PNG CASA) requirements.  

In a statement, Air Niugini says the services to Mendi are suspended and also temporarily to Tari and Wapenamanda, whilst Link PNG reviews its schedule due to the lack of this aircraft to provide services. 

Tari runway inspection complete

The airport was closed after a report from the Royal Air Force claimed there was an underground cavity at the Tari runway.

It is also understood that Air Niugini ceased its flights due to security reasons.

National Airports Corporation quality assurance manager, John Bogona, told this newsroom that hopefully by this week, flights to Tari will resume.

He said a report will be given to Air Niugini today regarding the status of the airport.

The Hela Provincial Government is paying for all the costing involved in the inspection.

52 women occupy airline’s top posts

This also includes those appointed to managerial positions in Air Niugini’s subsidiary companies, proving the airline’s program a success.

25 staff members from the second tier management selected to participate in the initial program last year have now progressed to permanent managerial positions within the airline.

PNG’s first female pilot to captain jet aircraft

With this achievement, it now enables Captain Pakii to be in command or captain flights on the Air Niugini domestic and international network that are operated by Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 aircraft.

Her first commercial flight was on 04th January this year on a Fokker 100 aircraft, PX106/107 flight from Port Moresby to Lae and back. With her in the flight deck was First Officer, Taylor Yama.

ICCC proposes to allow airline code-share services

The code-share services will be provided under flights operated by Air Niugini.

The code-share arrangement with Air Vanuatu will be on the Port Moresby-Port Vila route via Honiara. The code-share arrangement with Solomon Airlines will be on the Port Moresby-Honiara route.

Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer, Paulus Ain, said whilst both code-share agreements raise competition concerns, they are likely to continue to bring more benefits to the players in the aviation industry and contribute to the growth of economic activities associated with the aviation industry.