Komo sports field upgraded

The youth of Komo can now host their rugby matches on the newly upgraded sports field after ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG), in partnership with the local landowner company, Hides Gas Development Company (HGDC), handed over the refurbished field last week.

EMPNG and HGDC began upgrading the Komo sports field following the grand final of the Komo Rugby Football League in November last year.  

EMPNG Upstream Asset Manager, Kim Hahn, delivered the field to the Hela Deputy Governor and Komo LLG President, Charles Haluya, who then passed it onto the Komo Rugby Football League Association (KRFLA) to manage the use and maintenance of the facility.  

Hahn said EMPNG, on behalf of PNG LNG Project, is honoured to take part in upgrading the sports field.   

“EMPNG sees the Komo Rugby Field as a sign of unity and peace amongst the communities, and it also sees it as a sign of the deep friendship between the Company and the people of Komo.   

“We hope this facility gives local players the opportunity to become members of the national Kumuls team. 

“We are also a proud sponsor of the Kumuls and would welcome the chance for more players from Hela to be given the opportunity to play at the national level. EMPNG congratulates those Hela players who have successfully made it to the mighty Kumuls team and may there be many more in future.”

Komo Rugby Football League Association President, Dr. Michael Mai, in receiving the field, thanked EMPNG for its continued support towards the Association and the people of Komo.

“EMPNG is a great friend of the Komo people, supporting the KRFLA since our first tournament was played here. We are very grateful for the partnership and the support that EMPNG provides,” Dr. Mai said.  

During the handover of the field, EMPNG also handed over rugby jerseys and equipment to the Association to support the matches for this season.

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