Komo sports field upgraded

EMPNG and HGDC began upgrading the Komo sports field following the grand final of the Komo Rugby Football League in November last year.  

EMPNG Upstream Asset Manager, Kim Hahn, delivered the field to the Hela Deputy Governor and Komo LLG President, Charles Haluya, who then passed it onto the Komo Rugby Football League Association (KRFLA) to manage the use and maintenance of the facility.  

Hahn said EMPNG, on behalf of PNG LNG Project, is honoured to take part in upgrading the sports field.   


LOs’ account opening halted

The Umbrella Hides PDL 7 Association has taken out an urgent blanket restraining order on the Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) and the Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE) from carrying out further activities in the PDL 7 area.

The order was granted by the courts on November 14. 

On Thursday, after completion of Timalia Gangulu block awareness in the PDL7 area in Hides for the bank accounts’ opening, certain leaders including Eric Hawai, Huriba Andago, Tolai Awe, Alocis Pangali and Haluni Homogo got a court order O/S number 225/2019 to stop the process.

Komo celebrates after 37 years

The operator of PNG LNG Project, ExxonMobil PNG, is proud to be supporting this inaugural event which is a culmination of the Komo youth’s peace campaign early this year to promote peace through the sport of rugby league as the vehicle.

The two day event which started on Independence Day was organised by the Komo Independence celebrations committee headed by Komo-Hulia LLG president Charles Delago and other community leaders.

Rugby league stars inspire Komo

PNG LNG Kumuls and Hunters coach Michael Marum, NRL manager and former PNG Orchids captain, Cathy Neap, and Hunters players William Mone from Hela and Stanton Albert from Southern Highlands spent a day in Komo, providing support and encouragement to young men and women who have reinvigorated rugby league to promote peace and unity in their community.

Disaster villagers call for resettlement

The leaders of the council wards in those affected areas came to Port Moresby last weekend and raised their concerns and tried to get answers.

The leaders were led by Deputy Governor for Hela, Thomas Potabe, who raised concerns that their people are currently in fear and cannot go back to their villages.

Potabe said most of their properties were lost including gardens and road networks.

“We must resettle our people to new locations as we cannot go back to our villages in fear of the earthquake.”

Massive arms surrender in Hela

The weapons included sixty homemade and ten factory made guns that were brought over as the amnesty period nears its deadline.

Two key warring tribal groups, from the Maia tribe in Emberali ward, took the lead and handed over their weapons in what was termed a ‘breakthrough for peace’ in the province.

Hela Governor Francis Potape, who was present with his provincial assembly members, said he will pursue the matter to ensure that a permanent police barracks is stationed at Komo to look after its gas area.