Hunters 2021 squad announced

PNG Hunters Head Coach Mathew Church has announced a 37 pre-season squad in preparation for the 2021 Queensland Intrust Super Cup Season.

2020 Digical Cup Grand Finalists Hela Wigmen and Lae Tigers both have eight players announced in the squad which assembles on November 29th.

PNG Hunters Coach and PNG Rugby Football League Acting CEO, Stanley Hondina, today announced the pre-season squad for the 2021 Queensland Intrust Super Cup Season.

They include eight players from the Hela Wigmen and Lae Tigers, six players from the Rabaul Gurias, five from the Port Moresby Vipers, three from the Enga Mioks, two each from the Waghi Tumbe and Mendi Muruks, and one each from the Gulf Isou, Goroka Lahanis, and Kimbe Cutters.

The players are:

  1. Stargroth Amean                             Port Moresby Vipers
  2. Keven Appo                                      Port Moresby Vipers
  3. Brandon Gotuno                             Port Moresby Vipers
  4. Ase Boas                                           Port Moresby Vipers
  5. Enoch Maki                                       Port Moresby Vipers
  6. Junior Rau                                         Mendi Muruks
  7. Stanton Albert                                 Mendi Muruks
  8. Ricko Jimmy                                     Gulf Isou
  9. Brandan Nima                                  Goroka Lahanis
  10. Benji Kot                                           Kimbe Cutters
  11. Emmanuel Waine                           Waghi Tumbe
  12. Casey Dickson                                  Waghi Tumbe
  13. Sunny Lipu                                        Enga Mioks
  14. Rhadley Brawa                                Enga Mioks
  15. Ben Kennedy                                    Enga Mioks
  16. Edene Gebbie                                   Lae Tigers
  17. Joe Joshua                                        Lae Tigers
  18. Jokedi Bire                                        Lae Tigers
  19. Charlie Simon                                   Lae Tigers
  20. Junior Rop                                        Lae Tigers
  21. Mark Piti                                            Lae Tigers
  22. Sylvester Namo                               Lae Tigers
  23. Edwin Ipape                                     Lae Tigers
  24. Norman Brown                                Hela Wigmen
  25. Gilmo Paul                                        Hela Wigmen
  26. Solo Wane                                        Hela Wigmen
  27. Solomon Pokare                              Hela Wigmen
  28. Judda Rimbu                                     Hela Wigmen
  29. Samuel Yegip                                   Hela Wigmen
  30. Jeffery Robert                                  Hela Wigmen
  31. Valentine Culligan                          Hela Wigmen
  32. Terry Wapi                                        Rabual Gurias
  33. Jordan Pat                                         Rabual Gurias
  34. Ila Alu                                                 Rabual Gurias
  35. Stanely Olo                                       Rabual Gurias
  36. Wartovo Puara Jnr                         Rabual Gurias
  37. Epel Kapinias                                    Rabual Gurias

Apart from experience and form picked in the side, Church said a number of younger players have been included as part of the long term plan for the Hunters as many of the senior players are nearing the end of their careers.

Also Younger players will more likely be picked up by other clubs if they play well.

The Squad assembles on November 29th to begin training.

The Return home on December 23rd and resume camp on January 3rd 2021.

Church says by thgen they will be in a position to finalise the final squad for the 2021 competition.

Cedric Patjole