Festive season fishing tournament launched

One of the urban villages in Port Moresby, Vabukori is into the festive mood, already planning activities for the village.

First is the JT fishing festive season tournament that was launched on the 4th of December by the member for Moresby South Justin Tkachenko.

A total of 52 boats have been registered to take part in the tournament.

The tournament is a lead-up competition to other festive season tournaments and activities that will take place in the village.

The tournament will begin this Friday and end on Saturday.

When officiating the tournament, Tkachenko said this competition aims to bring the community together through sports this festive season.

He said the competitors will be judged according to the weight and type of fish they catch.

Tkachenko added that fuel will be supplied to the competitors and a security boat will be out at sea to provide security and ensure competitors are safe when fishing in the night.

Vabukori village Chairman Tamasi Maki thanked Tkachenko for officiating this tournament which signifies the importance of fishing as the main source of living for the villagers.

Meanwhile, prices will be awarded in the following categories;

From the 52nd to 28th placing, the participants will receive certificates, from the 27th to 13th placing the participants will receive consolation prices, from 12th place to 7th place the participants will receive bonus awards, while the biggest fish catcher will be given K300.

 For the major prices at 5th place, the participants will receive K500,  4th place - K800, 3rd place - K1,000, 2nd place –K1,500 and the winner will receive K2,000.

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