Western Pacific University needs

Western Pacific University located in Ialibu-Pangia district, Southern Highlands Province is unique in the country in the sense that it is new, located in a rural area and is digital.

The university is a state owned institution that was established by an Act of Parliament in 2014 and started academic operation in 2021 with the numbers increasing by the year with 200 students in 2022.

President Dr. Janet Rangou said students are expected to learn digitally in a conducive environment the university provides, for them to learn and come out with digital competencies.

They learn other competencies they expected to develop in the students like their learning autonomy and they become 100 percent responsible for their learning based on their motto which is’ “For God and Country” and in Latin, which is ‘Pro Dio et patria’” working together.

Western Pacific University, unfortunately is not receiving enough government assistance to advance, says Dr. Rangou.

A visit to the university recently revealed that the university has incomplete critical infrastructure due to lack of funding.

“Currently we have about three programs, all students come in and do what is called certificate in higher education foundation studies, and after that they stream into different departments. We have two departments so far, running three programs. The international business management, one program and in the IT space with two programs; Bachelor of Science in computer networking and computer programming and soon to be offered Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics or Data Science,” said Dr. Rangou.

Aside from these studies, Dr. Rangou said they also received request from the creative industry for the development of a Bachelor of Science in game design and development.

 “Our support from the government could be better, in order for us to live this vision. A funding from the government is like a drip and drop or it trickles in when and where. But I think we need to be consistently having funds available so that we can complete some of the incomplete infrastructure, that government has to provide for, like we have two lectures blocks that is incomplete, a couple of dormitories,” expressed Dr. Rangou.

However, these draw backs do not deter the birthing of the core business of the WPU, that is teaching and learning, and the operational functions, research and outreach or partnership.

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