Students protest defence deal

Students at the University of Technology in Lae are hosting a peaceful protest regarding the recent defence agreement between Papua New Guinea and the United States of America.

Final contents of the Defence Cooperation Agreement are yet to be revealed, with Prime Minister James Marape saying there will be an increased and "direct" presence of the US in PNG in the next 15 years.

This has been taken as a direct attack on PNG's sovereignty. 

Like their counterparts at the University of Papua New Guinea, Unitech's Student Representative Senate President, Kenzie Walipi, said they are taking the matter seriously as responsible citizens, hence classes have been cancelled for today.

"By doing so, we show our concern in this peaceful protest on this national matter, while ensuring the safety of our students and community," Walipi said.

While the student body is conducting a sit-in protest inside their Taraka campus, opportunists have blocked off the road and busstops. 

Police are monitoring the situation and encouraging Lae residents to exercise caution when moving about.