Ready for 2018 National Book Week?

The 2018 National Book Week will be held on August 6th – 10th with the weeklong activities to be launched in Kerema, Gulf Province.

The theme for 2018 National Book Week is: ‘Read-Write Forevermore’.

The theme reflects the increasing importance of books, reading, libraries and literacy. It also complements the 2018 education theme: ‘Quality education for quality citizens’.

The linkage between both themes is the need for greater and easy access to books, libraries and information.

Director-General for the Office of National Libraries and Archives, Kakaito Kasi, said books not only increase a child’s knowledge of the world in general but it also develops their imaginative faculties, which is very essential for the healthy mental growth of a child.

Under the National Standards-Based Education curriculum, students must understand and know how to use information resources housed in school libraries and public libraries to their advantage and the National Book Week promotes this.

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Carolyn Ure