Police deaths blamed on EC inconsistency

The inconsistency of decisions made the electoral commission has been linked to the death of the two police men in Mendi.

A disappointed commissioner for police, Gari Baki said all those election issues that have turned to become law and order issues, are results of inconsistency in some of the decisions that were made by the Electoral Commission.

This is by the electoral officials on ground.

“As a result of that, they tend to become law and order problems, and police have to deal with them.”

He said a classical example is the counting of the Southern Highlands boxes being delayed overtime.

“This is the result of the inconsistency on the way the electoral officials are running elections up in the Southern Highlands, and counting had to be moved to Mt Hagen.

Baki said all these things have got nothing to do with police but rather the inconsistency in the way the officials had made their decisions which have led to law and order issues resulting in the death of the police officers.

“That’s the same thing that has happened in Wabag.”

He said as the police commissioner, he is extremely disappointed that his men have been killed for no reasons at all.








Annette Kora
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