NRI hosts seminar to address issues

The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) Council Chairman’s Seminar Series commenced this week discussed important and pressing topical issues that the nation is facing.

The Seminar Series is the first of its kind for PNG NRI to host.

The First Seminar is on Population, Statistics and Society. The following Departments/Institutions have been invited to make presentations: Department of Provincial Local Government Affairs, PNG Civil Identity and Registry, PNG Electoral Commission, PNG National Statistical Office and Department of Information, Communication and Technology.

The Chairman’s Seminar Series is about bringing together the different voices and the shared experiences.

PNG NRI states, “Among us there are academia; researchers; policy analysts; policy practitioners and implementers; and decision-makers and implementers.”

“The PNG NRI is urging all leaders of the respective government ministries and agencies, heads of government departments, heads of research organisations, researchers and policy analysts, and the universities to join the Institute, as we embark on a promising year of greater collaboration and networking.”

The research institute is mandated to perform its role as the leading research authority in the social sciences; however, it does not exist in a vacuum.

The Government established the PNG NRI to conduct research and to use the research information to solve the nation’s development challenges, issues and problems.

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