Marape Govt’s Commitment To Business

Prime Minister James Marape has credited PNG’s success as a democratic nation to the independence and functionality of PNG’s Judiciary as a complement to the robustness of PNG’s economy.

“Our judiciary is an assurance that we have the rule of law as the guide to business, commerce and living in PNG. “We have survived economic turbulence, law-and-order issues, changes of government, natural calamities and many others, thus, we will be bigger, better and stronger into the future. As a matter of assurance to all of you who have business interests in PNG, at this juncture, I want to say ‘thank you’ to all the business community of our country,” he said.

PM Marape made these statements at the Annual PNG-Australia Business Forum in Brisbane.

“I want to assure you all further that despite our diversity of cultures, opinions, politics, etc, our strong Christian and democratic values have keep our country functional to date and we will remain a robust democracy going into the future,” he added.

The Prime Minister said this tenet of the country’s democracy will never be forfeited by his generation as well as his children’s generation. He gave his commitment that democratic ideals including free speech, free capitalistic environment and independent Judiciary, will be entrenched as PNG’s national character.

“That is why PNG remains a good place for doing business. Yes, I must admit we have our fair share of problems, but we leaders of today are being responsible and are working to fix those weaknesses and deficiencies.

“For instance, my Government passed the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), the Whistleblowers Act and the Undisclosed Wealth Bill to assist the fight against corruption in our endeavour to build a stronger law-abiding economy.

“My country will only stand to grow into the future guided by a robust democracy and our Christian characteristics,” said PM Marape.

The Prime Minister went on to say, “Those of you who have been in PNG know very well that while we have issues of law-and-order, and systematic impediments  such as infrastructure deficiencies, those who remain as businesses in PNG continue to make profits.

“But I give you all my Government’s commitment that we will strive to eliminate impediments to business and make it easier to operate businesses in PNG.”

The Government’s commitment to business environment includes:

  • Expediting ease of business registration;
  • Mordernising tax regimes, including giving incentives to priority businesses in Special Economic Zones, with specific focus on downstream processing of PNG’s resources;
  • Mordernising infrastructure using the ‘Connect PNG’ Policy, linking roads to seaports and airports;
  • Provision of cheap power and telecommunication;
  • Effective law-and-order environment to be built in over the next five years;
  • Functional and effective judiciary;
  • Effective immigration and border systems; and
  • An effective financial sector from Central Bank, commercial banks and stock exchange to ensure free flow of capital to assist business growth. This includes Government entrenching low-cost borrowings and citizen and business loans.

The Prime Minister said all the above, plus others, will continue as the country continues to show resilience and the economy keeps on growing.

He concluded by saying that the climate for change, for the better, has arrived.

“In this decade, of the 2020s, our National Vision 2050 that Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare handed down in 2010, points to our nation raising the economic ladder.

“That is the same mindset I echoed on May 30, 2019, in my inaugural address to the nation, when I said that over the next 10 years, PNG will become the richest black Christian nation.

“That is why, in this election, my PANGU Pati and all other likeminded leaders are focused on giving economic prosperity and economic independence to PNG.

“It is time now. I invite those of you already in PNG to anchor your businesses and grow with the country.

“I wish you all fruitful sessions, and on this note, it is my pleasure to open this forum.”

Press Release