Kavieng business owners arrested

An estranged couple from Kavieng, accused of procuring documents by false pretence and misappropriation of property, were arrested and charged on June 16th.

The National Fraud & Anti-Corruption Directorate personnel charged them at the Kavieng Police Station.

Reinhard Mangels and Warinah Alomon were allegedly involved in fraudulently transferring property at allotment 20, Section 33, owned by Beabanum Company.

Police records showed that owners of Beabanum Company, Ben and Elizabeth Kavi, bought the property in 1996, and mortgaged it to then PNGBC.

In 1997, Mangels, who knew the couple, approached them to see if he could rent the property, where the rental would be paid to PNGBC to offset the mortgage.

The Kavis then left for Lae and waited for Mangels and Alomon to advise once the mortgage was discharged.

In 2001, when Elizabeth Kavi checked with them about the property, they informed her that it has been paid and that the Kavi’s no longer own it.

She checked with the registrar of titles office at the Department of Lands and Physical Planning in Port Moresby, and confirmed that the property was still under Warinah Alomon’s name as the new state lease title for the property.

Reinhard Mangels, 63, from Ostebruch village, Niedersachen District, Germany, was then charged with one count of misappropriation and 3 counts of procuring execution of documents by false pretence.

Warinah Alomon, 32 years old, Reinhard’s former partner from Tasingina, Emirau Islands from New Ireland, was charged with one count of making documents without authority and one count of misappropriation of property.

They were interrogated and charged by the National Fraud and Anti-corruption Directorate at the Kavieng Police station.

Jemimah Sukbat