Foundation established to help people in Chimbu

A charity non-government organisation has launched its program at Wara Sua village in South Simbu, Salt LLG to help the people.

The Wiwe Hora Relief Foundation (WHRF) launched the programs on Jan 4, 2017.

WHRF is a Chimbu based rural non-profit NGO  aim to serve the people in their community as well as other surrounding communities.

The foundation was established in 2015 during the drought period which affected most the rural communities in the Highlands.

The main objectives of WHRF is to relieve the rural communities in any disaster stricken events and as well as emergency cases, like death.

So far, WHRF has delivered two lots of relief supplies to Wara Sua Community in 2015.

Wara Sua was one of the worst affected area in Chimbu during the 2015 dry season and due to remoteness, the government assistance was not reaching them.

Therefore, WHRF get on board to assist with 110 bags of Roots Rice on the first delivery and later Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA) came on board to assist with goods worth more than K20,000.

WHRF, is planning to expend their territory over the years to other provinces in PNG when donors agency and other cooperative bodies fund their objectives to relieve the rural communities during disasters or other emergency cases.

Founder and Director Joe Kin Kaupa said WHRH is a registered NGO group with clear objectives to help  rural communities.

Kaupa said the foundation was newly established and operate through sacrifice to meet their objectives.

He is appealing to the National Disaster Committee to include them in their programs so whenever the fund is available, they can come in to assist by providing technical support.

For further information, the Foundation can be contacted on email: or on their Facebook page.

Freddy Mou