4-year sentence for 65yo

The Waigani National Court has sentenced a 65-year-old man to four years in prison after he obtained money from a man in 2015 but could not repay them.

Kokopo man Wesley Kopman will spend four years at the Bomana jail but he can only spend two years there if he repays K63,700 to the man he obtained money from in the gold trading business.

Due to his age, the court ordered he spend that time in prison in light labour.

He was sentenced by the court after he pleaded guilty.

Between 21 June 2015 and 29 February 2016, Kopman, with the need for transport and accommodation in Port Moresby, obtained K63,700 from Kenneth Nia.

He asked the court for a suspended sentence and for time to be allowed by the court for him to repay the monies.

The court decided otherwise and imposed a sentence term of four years for him to serve. However, that term can be reduced by two years if he repays the monies owed in the next 12 months.

Sally Pokiton