2020 legal year officially opens

The 2020 legal year was officially opened today.

The event saw the entire Judiciary, correctional services and members of the sector gather at the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Port Moresby.

An assembly at the Taurama Road occurred before members of the judicial sector and the disciplinary forces marched to the Don Bosco Technical Institute for the opening of the legal year.

The work of all contributors of the law and order sector was dedicated to God.

Disciplinary personnel came before an inspection and an address by keynote speaker, Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika. 

“My theme for this year is to put my house in order, want to start off with myself with the Judicial Institution,” stated the Chief Justice.

“To put the house of judiciary in order first before I tell others to follow me or to follow others, to prepare and to do our jobs in the most effective manner.”

Sir Gibbs cited Proverbs 24:3 which says: “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established”

“In the judiciary we have a lot of challenges, for instance in the National Court we have over 25,149 cases that are pending in the National Court. We have to work smarter to reduce cases and to bring it down to zero.”

He said a new approach is to be put in place for all contributors to come up with strategies to decrease cases in the country.

The ceremony was then brought into the chapel to dedicate the legal body.

Jasmine Iru