WR Carpenters sponsors Hiri Moale festival

The Motu Koita Assembly held a sponsorship launch event on Tuesday 7th of February, 2023 with a donation of K50,000 from WR Carpenters.

The donation was presented to the 2021-2022 Hiri Hanenamo Queen, Guba Hitolo, and Motu Koita Assembly Chairman, Dadi Toka Jr, attended by members of the Hiri Moale Festival committee, MKA, and WR Carpenters.

The newly appointed Group Manager for WR Carpenters, Boe Daera, congratulated the Chairman and staff of MKA for their work in delivering a successful Hiri Moale Festival.

In his response, Chairman Toka Jr thanked WR Carpenters for their partnership and called the event a milestone for MKA.

The Hiri Moale Festival will run from March 3rd to 5th and has already seen an increase in interest for the Hiri Hanenamo contestants. The Vanagi race will also take place, with registrations coming in quickly.

According to Chairman Toka, this year's festival promises to be a great event that will showcase culture and acknowledged the contributions of women to the Motu Koita society.

Carol Kidu