Judiciary’s online management system during SOE

Despite the shutdown of PNG’s Court systems due to the COVID-19 state of emergency (SOE), the judiciary is still striving to maintain much-needed services to the people.

The PNG Judiciary have initiated an online case management system called ‘IECMS for Judiciary of Papua New Guinea’ to deal with the filing of urgent applications during this lockdown period.

The Integrated Electronic Case Management System allows lawyers to file their urgent applications via the system’s website, which will be accessed by Judges and the registrars of the Supreme and National Courts for sighting and endorsement. Following the filing of the relevant documents of the applications and the endorsing of the Applications by the Registry, a teleconference can be had for the Judge to hear the urgent application by the lawyer.

Jaminan Partners & Lawyers (JPL) firm were the first to file an urgent application in the National Court on 1st April 2020. Counsel Desmond Aigilo from JPL said he was happy to have been the first to do so.

“Hopefully the usage of this system will be ready when this coronavirus issue blows over so that we continue using this method of case management. This is something the Court systems of PNG have been needing for a while now,” Aigilo said.

Aigilo also stated that he was impressed at the ability of the PNG Judiciary to step up and take measures to ensure services to people who urgently needed a hearing were provided whilst simultaneously maintaining the protection of the nation’s Judges.

The IECSM system is powered by Synergy International Systems Inc., a global software company that empowers organisations to become more data-driven in achieving their impact.

The PNG Courts are to reopen on 10th May, depending on circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 response in the nation.

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