Parkop calls on politicians to save future generations

Politicians must make decisions that will help the future generations and not for their political gain, says National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop.

The second term parliamentarian made these comments following the decision by the National Capital District Commission in banning and now partly lifting the ban of betelnut selling in Port Moresby.       

With seven months before the issue of writs for the 2017 National General Election, Governor Parkop said he is ready to face the voters.

“In political office, sometimes we have to make decision that not really popular, they might be tough on our people but some decisions have to be made for the collective wellbeing of our people for the future.

“The decision we made in 2012 to ban the selling of betelnut in our city is not easy for me to make because it has a political price to pay, but I want our people to understand that when you assume political office, you can be a mere politician making decision based on political convenience or you can be leader, make decision for the next generation.  

 “I am privileged and honoured to serve our people in the capital city and I am not here to achieve personal milestone for myself, but my aim is in achieving result for city residents and all of Papua New Guinea because what happens here (in Port Moresby) will affect people in the breadth and depth of country.

Charles Yapumi