Maru: We must teach English in our schools

The English language must be spoken in all schools in the district Yangoru –Saussia MP Richard Maru has urged.

Maru who is also the Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister made this comment at Yangoru Station to school students from East Yangoru LLG last week.

The schools commemorated the country’s 41st Independence anniversary with sporting competitions of volleyball and soccer.               

“There must be no language spoken in schools.

“Students you are future of the nation, why is East Sepik Province falling behind other provinces in the country in the last 30 years in academic results,” Maru said.

He added that grade 12 school leavers will be sent to teachers college to be qualified elementary teachers to help lift the standard in the district.  

Maru is optimistic the district is one of the top performing district in the country. 

“We have seen and witnessed unprecedented changes. Water is connected, road sealed to Yangoru Station and we are moving education in a powerful way.

“We are the only district in the country who had dedicated itself to God, November will be a big church service again to recommit the district to God.

“Yangoru-Saussia is moving faster than other districts because God is leading us.”

The Yangoru-Saussia DDA is putting K3 million annually to support the education sector in the province.

Charles Yapumi