Hunters still maintain fourth spot despite lose

The PNG SP Hunters went down against Northern Prides in a devastating 40-16 score line in Round 24 of the Super Intrust cup in Barlow Park yesterday.

With Hunters Essau Siune opening the scoreboard in the seventh minute. The other try scorer in the first half was Noel Zeming, while winger Morris Butler scored their only try in the second half.

That was about all the Hunters could muster, and with the rash of penalties they gave away, saw the opposing team take full advantage of.

The countless penalties allowed the Pride to score seven tries from Sheldon Powe-Hobbs, Tom Hancock, Javid Bowen, Khan Ahwang, Jared Allen , Linc Port and  Justin Castellaro which blew away the Hunters attacking position into more defensive one, pining them into a 40 points margin.

Despite the loss, Hunters still maintained fourth spot on the ladder while the Pride jumped two places to the top from tenth spot.

Hunters will play the fifth placed Sunshine Coast Falcons next weekend for the round 25 games before the finals set in for the top four.


Lamech Jinimbo