Over 600 youths participate in ‘wave walk’

The InterYouth Wave (IYW) presented its first evangelism event, the ‘Wave Walk’, with the theme “Showing you we care” last Saturday (May 12) between 6.30am and 8am.

More than 600 church youths participated in the wave walk and handed out donations of food, drinks and clothes. The concept of the wave walk was to meet and greet people along the way, bless them, pray for them and lead them to salvation in Jesus Christ. 

The youths were engaged in catchy moments in the walk with a mannequin challenge, mob dance, pose choreography and other fun activities. The wave walk started at 6am and went via the Waigani Highway to Tabari Place, Boroko. The wave walk concluded with an outreach event at Tabari place, Boroko. 

NCD Governor Powes Parkop walked with the youths from Bethel Centre, Waigani to Tabari place. The walk inspired the Governor as he witnessed youths from various churches walk together to share their faith with city pedestrians as well as share food, drinks and clothes.

The Governor said: “The churches are a strong foundation of our country and it has great potential to help us secure a better future.”

He conveyed his endorsement and appreciation for such initiatives and pledged his support to the InterYouth Wave Committee for their future events.  

IYW Chairman, Thomas Hola, said: “The Wave Walk was inspired by the story of Jesus lifting Peter from sinking into the sea; this story became the message that IYW wanted to convey to the city with the theme ‘Showing You We Care’.

“We are not just church attendees and program facilitators but believers who want to bring hope to people, show love and care and uplift people from their troubles through spreading the message of Jesus Christ.”  

The Wave Walk Outreach Program included item presentation from different churches and different genres of gospel songs, dances and dramas on the day from 9am-12pm.

Two emerging gospel bands, Sonarama from CRC Bethel and Zamar from Boroko United Church, were featured bands that ministered songs in the genres of worship, reggae, raga & local praise.

Hola said: “The people absolutely loved the performances, hilarious emcees and powerful evangelistic preaching.

“It was so good to see people in the crowd giving their hearts to Christ after the preaching of the word of God.”

It was announced at the Outreach Program that the IYW team will support the North Waigani United Church Youth Ministry as they prepare to host the 13th InterYouth Wave Rally before the end of 2018. Other upcoming InterYouth Wave events include a formal launch of the organisation and partnering with Planetshakers Believe Tour in October 2018. 

Hola went on to say that “planning of major IYW events in 2019 are imminent with a proposed Global Mentor 101 Leadership event to coincide with a Global InterYouth Wave Rally whilst yet giving churches the opportunity to host rallies”.

“These initiatives aim at developing a united leadership front, appreciation of diverse and unique ministries and churches, and bridging generations for the gospel to effectively reach towns, cities and countries,” said the chairman.               

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