Digicel congratulates new head of HR

Commitment, dedication, learning and kindness are all words that describe Helen Gegeyo, the new Head of Human Resources at Digicel Papua New Guinea.

“Digicel PNG has an ever expanding workforce of skilled team members. It is always positive news to see longer term team members progressing and transitioning through the ranks to achieve new roles and senior management positions,” commented Digicel Chief Executive Officer, Oliver Coughlan.

“Helen Gegeyo is a wonderful example of what can be achieved with hard work, dedication and commitment to an organisation. She has over 10 years of service with Digicel and is being rewarded with her appointment as the Head of Human Resources. Helen has earned this position with continued career development and ambition to achieve.

“Her passion is not only career related. She is a mother of two children, a loving wife and enjoys her personal time to achieve a positive work and lifestyle balance while enjoying her books and music.

“Digicel is an equal opportunity organisation, with a desire for diversity throughout the company. It is important to have diversity, as this brings real advantages to productivity and performance on a daily basis. Plus it adds to the think tank mentality to deliver new ideas and outcomes for our customers and internal organisational development.”

Gegeyo started her career with Digicel 10 years ago as a customer care call centre agent. She was identified as a person of talent, and quickly progressed to Customer Care Support Manager.

“Helen who is based in our Port Moresby Head Office, is from the Oro (Northern) Province and is now making a name for herself as a manager that everyone knows and respects,” said Coughlan.

Gegeyo added: “When we are given the chance to grow in the professional environment it is equally important to make the most of it. I am grateful for this opportunity and encourage others that you must first believe in yourself to be a help, an inspiration and an example to others and appreciate those who help you along. If we are not given the chance to expand or build from, we must create the opportunity for ourselves.”

Meantime, Coughlan officially announced that Gegeyo is Digicel’s new Head of Human Resources.

“This is a fantastic achievement by her and it is a great result for Digicel to have a person of her calibre joining the Senior Management team.”

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