Westly Nukundj

Public servants’ pay rise to be implemented

The payments will be made in phases following an approved implementation schedule to manage the cash flow constraints by the Government.

Minister for Public Services, Westly Nukundj, has confirmed that the 3 percent pay increase has an implementation schedule that is fair and affordable and was agreed upon by the Budget Management Committee and approved by the National Executive Council in its Decision No.102/2018.

The schedule was to pay two fortnights back pay every pay day on top of the normal salary, which commenced in April 2019.

Minister refutes rumours of new Chief Secretary

The Minister issued this response after a post on Facebook, congratulating the former Investment Promotion Authority managing director and current APEC Ambassador, Ivan Pomaleu, on his appointment, went viral.

Minister Nukundj, when brushing aside this claim, advised Papua New Guineans to be responsible and avoid spreading false rumours.

(APEC Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu with Chief Secretary to Government, Isaac Lupari - Filepic)


NEC directs tidying up of appointments

DPM has been directed that six months before contracts expire, positions must be advertised and acting appointments must be for a period of three months before a substantive appointment be made.

NEC in its directive wants contracts for appointed positions be cleared by the State Solicitor in the shortest possible time; not more than three months.

​Boosting PNG’s transport department

The new Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Westly Nukundj, and Australian High Commission Minister Counsellor, Benedict David, today signed the deal.

The two-year partnership arrangement between Papua New Guinea and Australia to November 2019 will support the Department to deliver more effectively on its mandate to improve transport connectivity for all Papua New Guineans.