Susan McGrade

ENB loses passionate historian

Gideon Kakabin passed away yesterday in Canberra, Australia, after suffering a heart attack.

“The Rabaul Historical Society was saddened to hear of the passing of Gideon Kakabin,” Rabaul Historical Society secretary, Susan McGrade, told this newsroom.

“He was working on an ENB exhibition in Canberra. He had a heart attack last week, was revived and admitted to hospital ready for open heart surgery this Wednesday but he suffered another heart attack.

“This time he could not be revived.”

Felling of historical trees angers residents

It is believed that the historical shade trees were chopped down to make way for power lines.

Among those who have raised their voices against the ‘outrageous’ exercise was the Rabaul Historical Society secretary, Susan McGrade.

A frustrated McGrade told Loop PNG that those shade trees ‘survived many, many eruptions’.

“There is absolutely no reason to remove the trees altogether,” she said.